• publish: 7 April 2019
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Who will answer the female Medical Students asking for their rights?

The hunger strike of the 12 female medical students in front of Kabul Medical University entered its 3rd day on Saturday.

The students started the sit-in protest and hunger strike three days ago after they were not admitted at the Kabul Medical University and were told to postpone their lessons for one year. 

The students said after passing the university entrance exam, they were accepted at medical faculties in provinces and studied for almost one and a half year, but due to security problems they were not able to continue their lessons and that they requested the Higher Education Ministry to shift them to the Kabul Medical University.

The students said after approval of the Higher Education Ministry, they proceeded their documents and came to KMU, but officials of the university told them that right now the classes are full and they should wait until the next year. 

In reaction to this, the students started sit-in protest and hunger strike near the university and on Saturday evening one of them hospitalized after she went unconscious. 

“They (university officials) offered us another issue today. They asked us to postpone our classes which is not acceptable to us. We do not want to postpone our lessons,” said Sutra, a protesting student.

“We are not here because of an extraordinary order from the higher education minister, but we fight for our right because the ministry’s leadership council had approved our requests,” said Anahita Afghan, a student.

Although one of the students went unconscious on Saturday evening due to hunger, but the students insisted that their hunger strike will continue until their demands are met.

“Farkhunda was killed by ordinary people, but if something happens to us, the educated people will be responsible,” said Frohar, a protesting student.

Officials from Kabul Medical University and Ministry of Higher Education so far have not commented on the issue.

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