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Wolesi Jirga welcomed voters’ registration launch and asked to expedite it

MP Bashir Ahmad Tayanj from northern Faryab province termed the voter registration’s launch “a positive beginning” for the Afghans and said the success of the process lied in greater participation of the masses.

“Now the ball is in the public court, the masses should not miss their registration as voters, no lethargy please,” the lawmaker urged people. He asked colleagues to encourage people towards participating in the process and deciding their future.

Lower house member Khalil Ahmad Shaheedzada from western Herat province also welcomed the voter registration launch and asked the government to accelerate NICs distribution as well.

However, he said all eligible people should have gotten their NICs before launching the voters registration process. “Currently most of the people who are eligible to vote are without NICs.”

Ustad Mohammad Akbari, a lawmaker from Bamyan province, said around 40 percent eligible persons in Bamyan had no Tazkera. He warned if more attention was not paid the voter registration process might face problems.

Second Deputy Speaker Amir Khan Yar, who chaired the session, asked the masses to participate in the polling process in order to make the future elections transparent and fair.

“The success of voting process is related to public participation and the people should elect candidates who are eligible and have the ability and capacity to represent them.”