• publish: 19 September 2021
  • time: 10:09 pm
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Women protesting in front of the ministry of women called for education and work rights

Some women associated with “Afghanistan Mowj-e Tahavol” political party in cooperation with “Afghan women political participation network” protested against Taliban`s changing the ministry of women affairs to “ministry of preaching and guidance” and announcing reopening of schools without girls and female staff.

In their today, Sunday September 19 2021, press conference in Kabul, the protesters conveyed their message of complains to Taliban.

Members of “Afghan women political participation network” were carrying placards saying “Education, work, freedom and move towards development!” and “You occupied our holy soil, but don’t ban our homework and lessons for us! and let us participate in politics according to Afghanistan constitution”.

The protesters chanting these slogans moved to the ministry of women affairs.

“Girls` schools should be reopened, the ministry of women affairs should remain active” were the other demands of the protesting women.

This comes as the Taliban ministry of education on last Friday, September 17 2021, announced reopening of boys` school from Saturday September 18, but they ignored girls` schools to be reopened.      

 Following this Taliban`s stance toward girls and women education, strong complaining waves created on social media by boys students saying “without our sisters we don’t go to schools”.       

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