• publish: 10 September 2015
  • time: 11:46 am
  • category: Sports
  • No: 1133

“Women Sports Association” founded in Jouz-Jan of Afghanistan

In order to support and boost the presence of Afghan women in sports, “Women Sports Association” was founded in northern Jouz-Jan province of Afghanistan.

The newly-established Association aims to encourage women and girls in Jouz-Jan province to play a more active role in sports of the province.

“Women in Afghanistan are hampered to take more presence in sports areas of the country, as their families are not quite familiar with roles women can play”, said an in charge of the Association, adding that they faced too much difficulties establishing the Association at the first place, but finally they were successful.

Currently, 40 girls and women are having activities in the Association, but the number intended to rise.

The Association currently covers football, Volleyball and field tracking sports, but it soon expand its activities to include martial arts as well.

After the Taliban fall, sports in Afghanistan have remarkably improved, but women have yet to find their proper place.


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