• publish: 26 October 2019
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Ghani in Baku:

World needs new cooperation and coordination

The threat posed by the transnational terrorist networks is medium to long-term, requiring a different type of coordination and cooperation among governments, president Ashraf Ghani said at the 18th summit of the heads of state and government of Non-Alignment Movement (NAM) in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Addressing the heads of states, president Ghani said that non-alignment and positive neutrality, need to be redefined and invigorated to insure our collective interests and secure the future for all of our nations and citizens.
“The scale and scope of the criminal economy, particularly the operation of the transnational criminal organizations, is a direct to the wellbeing of the youth and welfare of families of all countries of the world,” he added.

Speaking about the situation in Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani stressed that the people and the government of Afghanistan, have been confronting a world in turmoil for 40 years, serving as a stage for one of the great tragedies of our times.

President Ghani also thanked Afghan partners that spared no efforts to help the people of this country.
“We will always be grateful to our NATO and Non-NATO partners that spared no efforts in blood and treasure to ensure our freedom and their security,” he underlined.
The 18th Summit of the Heads of State and Government of the Non-Aligned Movement is being held in Baku on Oct. 25-26.

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