• publish: 23 November 2015
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Zahir Qadir’s accusations to be investigated, NCS says

The National Security Council (NSC) on Monday night denied claims made by Nangarhar MP and first deputy speaker of the house Abdul Zahir Qadir that they support Daesh in the country.

Qadir said in parliament earlier in the day that the NSC supported the insurgent group and that they were putting the country on a path towards destruction.

“What can we do? People within government and in the National Security Council support Daesh. If we do not stop Daesh today, tomorrow it will be a massive problem,” said Qadir.

The NSC said the allegations are totally baseless and called for a team to be established to investigate Qadir’s claims.

“The National Security Council office strongly rejects the claims and considers the remarks as an excuse for receiving illegal resources to create militia groups and also the remarks are to confuse the public,” said Ghorzand.

Meanwhile second deputy speaker for the Afghan Lower House of Parliament Mohammad Nazir Ahmadzai, said Qadir’s remarks had been driven by emotions and emphasized that the NSC is against militia groups within the structures of the security forces.

“I think remarks made by Mr. Qadir arose from his emotions and I am opposed to this that the government supports Daesh. Under the circumstances, where security forces are working to defend the country, a militia process is completely not acceptable because the people do not want such thing,” said Ahmadzai.

In order to clear up misunderstandings and prevent public misconception and strengthen national spirit, the NSC has urged the presidential palace to appoint a task team to investigate Qadir’s remarks and his efforts to create private militia groups.

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